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Lot 21 Serenity Elevation

 Aspect Fine Homes is committed to building homes of exceptional quality, thoughtfulness and craftsmanship. Through many years of building custom homes in Arizona, we have assembled a great group of preferred engineers, designers, vendors, and sub-contractors to assist you with the planning, interior design, and construction of your home.


Custom home construction is not just about the finished product. It’s also about how you arrive there. Our detailed oversight of the design and building process makes building a custom home pleasant, less stressful and ensures that the end result is the realization of your dream.

Aspect Fine Homes Process


1) Project StudySilverleaf Lot1724

From lot selection and analysis to home plan design review and budgeting, Aspect Fine Homes will conduct a feasibility study of the project for you.




2) Design Processaspectfinehomes.com plan elevation

Aspect Fine Homes offers full design assistance for any stage of the building process. We work with local and national Architects, Designers, Engineers, Interior designers and pool landscape designers to create thoughtfully well planned properties.


3) Scope of Work & Budget

Aspect Fine Homes will create a detailed Scope of Work and budget based on actual quotes for the project. Once you have made all necessary selections a contract will be written based on all provided information.


4) Construction Documents

home plans

Once all concept drawings are approved, we will coordinate the production of the construction drawings including…

  • Home plan design set
  • Structural engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Native plant inventory drawings
  • Septic System Permit
  • Dust Permit
  • Homeowners’ Association required drawings
  • Interior Designer drawings
  • City Building Permit


5) Owner Selections

One of the most exciting and important parts of the building process is making the selections. We will walk you through the process of deciding on flooring, interior doors, lighting, paint colors, wall finishes, ceiling details, appliances, stone, insulation, roofing, distressing, cabinets, hardware, fireplace surrounds, audio video control, plumbing trim, bath hardware, window coverings, and many other details. We will be careful to include your desired design details and finish materials in the Scope of Work and budget.


6) Construction aspectfinehomes.com lost canyon 7

Aspect Fine Homes is committed to quality construction practices in every way. Our handpicked team of craftsman and professionals will bring your dream home to life with our high level of fit and finish.



7) Completion and Move-In

We find completing a project very rewarding and we truly enjoy creating homes of the finest quality. As you move in we will be there to assist with any questions about your new home. We also manage many of the homes that John has built in North Scottsdale. We can help you keep your new home in the best condition possible with a maintenance program designed specifically for your home.


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