Home Remodeling

wine lounge-elevation aspect fine homes

Aspect Fine Homes brings the same thoughtfully detailed approach to remodeling projects of all sizes. We can help you design, plan and complete the changes to your home that you desire. 


1) Initial Consultation Wine lounge Before

  • 1-2 Hour meeting at the location of the project. 

2) Pre-Construction 

  • Discovery
  • Measurements
  • Photography
  • Interior Design (if needed)
  • Architect / Designer (if needed)
  • Engineering (if needed)
  • Selections


wine lounge-elevation aspect fine homes

3) Build Scope of Work and Budget

  •  This will be a full accounting of the project

  • Project will be priced at cost plus
  • Approve Scope of Work 


4) Project Start 

  • Order all needed parts and pieces
  • Build schedule
  • Start demo and construction 

5) Project Completionaspectfinehomes.com wine lounge

  • Final Clean
  • Final refinements
  • Final walk through


480-818-5593  | info@aspectfh.com

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